[SPN] Dean is confusing porn with realit



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So what the fuck are these ribbons for anyway?
[SPN] Dean is confusing porn with realit

Oh man, so, Homestuck. Ribbons. Godtier. Yeah. Cuz I couldn't find any I liked and I know enough html/css to get by. Yup.


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In Which Becky Needlessly Explains Things No One Has Asked About and No One Cares About
Question: Why would you bake and drink? That's a lot of unnecessary cupcakes and a good chance of messing them up. Are you trying to be Martha Stewart but with hard liquor?

The short answer: I like baking, and if I'm gonna drink, I want to get that nice fuzzy feeling in the back of my skull.

But if I was going for the short answer, I'd've not made a whole fucking journal and probably just made it an aside the next time I posted. Or just not answered. So.

Long answer: I like baking. Baking is a very positive experience for me. I bake when I'm emotional. And I don't just mean, like, negatively emotional, so don't be thinkin' this is a Becky stress-indicator. Like, I'm feelin' good. I could totally turn good into awesome by BAKING. I'm super sad. You know what could cheer me up? BAKING. I am so fucking pissed right now. I bet the formulaic process of BAKING could help me cool down. Good goddamn, I'm stressed. I'm gonna let BAKING unwind me a bit.

See? I'm an emotional baker in that I bake for every emotion. It's actually one of the few things that I just do for the sake of doing. I can listen to music, or kind of passively watch a movie, or bond with my family/friends/neighbors/cats, or make a mess (actually that's pretty much guaranteed).

But Becky, don't you bake for the goodies? You make such awesome goodies. Not really. I mean, yes, my goodies are awesome (except for those rare instances, but we don't talk about those), but that's not why I do it. I usually don't actually get to eat what I make. Mainly because I'm too slow. Or I make things I don't really want to eat. And sometimes I just make too damn much.

(On the topic of too much, over the course of three days, I personally have made 80 cupcakes in addition to the two dozen muffins I made earlier last week. And I might make more. Just because I really want to use the banana flavoring stuff I have.)

Now, about the drinking and the alcohol and the possible negative effects. I have this thing where once I start drinking I really can't stop. I don't have a good concept of limits when it comes to alcohol because my body is very slow to react. So I'll be like, "You know, I'm thirsty. Nobody's been drinking these wine cooler things. I think I'll have one. Oh man, you know what else no one's been drinking? That weird blue vodka over there. That kind of bothers me. It's just chillin', takin' up space. I think I'll have some, just to put a dent in it." And the next thing I know, I've bypassed the nice, controlled, 5% alcohol beverage and drank a fourth of a bottle of raspberry vodka even though I complained about it tasting like cleaner the whole time.

Yeah, no, I realize this is probably not the best habit to get into. I am aware. However, it actually doesn't affect my baking at all. I'm not really very exact in my measurements in the first place. I have a habit of eyeballing things if I'm too lazy to dig out the measuring cup. So if I start drinking, I usually just set out more measuring cups and hope they're the ones I'll decide to use (as I said, sometimes I make adjustments to recipes because why the fuck do I need that much oil, all it does it make it runny, I'm cutting half of that shit out).

Side note: I'm not really sure why I'm defending my right to drunk cupcakes, but it is pretty early, and I did stop pretty late last night, so I might still be a little inebriated. Or maybe I'm just very chatty on Tuesday mornings. Either is a valid hypothesis, seeing as I've always avoided being conscious for most of Tuesdays if I can (I'm not sure why I hate Tuesdays, and I'm not really gonna think about it too hard).

Also, I hope this makes sense, because I was going to reread it, but then I realized how long it was, so now I'm like, "fuck that, bitches can deal." So. Bitches can deal.

OH FUCK. I feel like I should mention that I turned 21 a week ago. So that might make baking and alcohol seem a little bit more relevant. Also, I'm going back to sleep now.

"I think my favorite part of a scary movie is when I hide behind the couch the whole time."
sexual tension


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Not feeling the witty title today, guys.
[SPN] Dean is confusing porn with realit
Weeeeeelllllllll, it's been a little over two months since I last updated. A decent amount of things have happened, I guess. So. Condensed version of what you've missed, then.

I finished the Southeast tour thing. We made it to Texas for five minutes before turning around. We returned via Tennessee and Kentucky. Theeeeen random bout of Becky isolation and depression for about a month, cruelly interrupted by an impromptu trip to Connecticut with Ally to see her friend Liam. All I can remember are pork sandwiches and being attacked by a cave cricket thing.

Then Kathy came to visit and we went to Ikea and Build-a-Bear. We made each other stuffed animals (yes, you can d'awwww now). I made her a rabbit with a waistcoat and glasses named Mme. Bunnysworth. She made me a dog with a hoodie and skirt named Queen Hugs-a-Lot. YES I SLEEP WITH HER. SHE'S FLUFFY OK. Hopefully Rocky Raccoon doesn't hate her, seeing as it's a threesome at night now.

Anyway, so, I've dropped out of Ithaca College rather than just taking a leave of absence. Instead I'm applying to WVU to their business admin degree so I can focus on entrepreneurship. Yeah, yeah, that's right Becky, drop out of the nice school and the liberal arts degree and go be a business major. Shut the fuck up. I have this plan to open a café, ok? Stop with the judging.

So yeah, that's about all that you've missed. I think. I'm still unemployed, by the way. It sucks.

"It's either furry love or no love at all!"
[SPN] Dean is confusing porn with realit
Yargh. So I keep putting off making a journal because I know it's going to be long and annoying and complicated, thus inevitably making it longer and more annoying and more complicated. I'm currently chilling in a hotel in Clearwater, Florida and I've got some time so I figured I'd finally get this nonsense out of the way.

Last weekend was ANTHROCON! (imagine that in a big announcer voice) Except for a few hitches (like the hotel not saving my reservation so we had to go waaaaay out in the middle of nowhere), it was pretty awesome. I mean, we got to meet some exciting people and learn important life skills (like the fetishist designer cabbie and don't say yes when someone asks if you need a cab unless they're in one or hotel staff). We decided to go the FULL FOUR DAYS so we showed up on Thursday.

Thursday was boring. We checked in. We met up with Spork and Dan/Toz for a bit. We went to a dance. We got lost because they closed half the convention center. We learned how to get a taxi. I don't remember anything else xD

Friday was a bit more exciting~. I think. Maybe. There were panels? Hold on. I'll consult the schedule thing I still have. Yes. We went to a panel about how to interact with people when they ask about furry held by Uncle Kage. Then we saw Spork in the Artist's Alley and subsequentially met Fur, whom we (read: I) kept calling hobo-man because I didn't actually hear his name but remembered Spork pointing him out as "that hobo guy over there." We tried to do Munchkin, but they'd started by the time we got there, so we got lunch at... Carl's? Maybe? It was a sandwich place across from the Westin. It was nummy. Some dude with a skateboard gave Mary a flower. I missed it because I was talking. That happens. AND THEN 2'S RANT. FUNNY AS EVER. DON'T STOP BEING EVERYTHING YOU ARE, 2. We got pretty good seats this year, like two rows behind the sponsor seats. Right after that, there was the dance-rave-thing that I don't like calling a rave because it's not illegal. There was a security guard dancing with us, for crying out loud. This was the night we got the fetish designer cabbie. He was cool. And chatty.

SATURDAY~~ had stuff going on. We went to a genre fiction panel that was run by a Pittsburgher that made West Virginia jokes. We offered to take our shoes off and break out the twang. He said it was unnecessary. Then we went dealer's den-ing and I got a bajillion buttons. I like buttons. Maybe I should take a picture of the buttons. Hmm. ANYWAY. After that was the Peter S. Beagle reading of The Last Unicorn. He was entertaining. I got a call in the middle from KATHY saying she was OUTSIDE. So I went and got her and hugged and giggled and hugged and held hands and hugged. We got her a day pass and went to the masquerade. Like all masquerades, some of the them were good and some were AWESOME. I'll put up videos later. When I'm at my house. Yeah. Then dinner? I think? Yeah. We went to a bagel place. Maybe. No, that was lunch. NO WE DIDN'T EAT YET. It was Uncle Kage's Story Hour first. He's a funny man. THEN we ordered pizza for dinner. And went to the dance. Yeah.

Sunday was Sunday. Sundays are boring. We checked out. Carolina, Mary and Nickie went into the Dealer's Den while me and Kathy cuddled on bench. There were some adorable children playing fetch in front of us. I kept d'awwwing. Then we went to FERNANDO'S (wait a second, we went there before, when was it, I don't remember, fuck). Carolina and Nickie got dog bowls with a dozen mini donuts in them xD And then driving. Lots of driving. Cuz Kathy came home with me.

So Kathy came home with me. We did stuff? There's not a lot to do in Grafton, WV. We saw Green Lantern on Tuesday for $4.50. To prove that we could. It wasn't...that bad. The movie, I mean. And we did other things, but I can't remember what they were.

And now I'm in Clearwater, FL visiting my brother, sister, and brother-in-law. Doing a grand tour of the Southeast. Or something. We might end up meandering into Louisiana. Or Texas maybe. Dunno. I'm tweeting the whole thing which is weird. I think the link for it is around here somewhere.

oatmeal packets
All right! So. I have this plan, right? It involves me moving out of my house into an apartment AAAALLLLL my own. The problem with this is that I'd really like the apartment to be in Manhattan and the one I've got my eye on has a $1550 monthly rent. It's a really good price for the area, but I'll still need to supplement my income. And what better way than to make pokéballs?

OH HEY! If you came here by way of ASIC, for any pokéball you get that was actually in the games (like the normal one, masterball, parkball, etc.) the money will go to them, minus shipping! But only until May 10, all orders after that go to me cuz I'm not really part of the club anymore xD

+ Solid color or multicolor yarn with or without simple designs

+ Stripes with or without simple designs
+ Solid color/multicolor yarn with complex designs
+ Solid color that is more expensive or difficult to find (metallic or sparkly) with or without simple designs

+ Stripes in expensive colors with or without simple designs
+ Stripes with complex designs
+ Expensive color with complex designs

+ Stripes in expensive colors with complex designs

Prices include standard USPS shipping to the continental US. So if you get more than one shipped to the same place or you live in Canada or you're within face-to-face distance, the price will change. I'm willing to take PayPal, check, or money order at this point in time :D

Pokéballs are made with acrylic yarn and stuffed with polyester filling. They're about 3 inches in diameter. Also, I know most of my examples are custom pokéballs, but I'll make ones from the games/cartoon/manga too. I've already made the standard one, a park ball, a repeat ball, and a master ball (the last two I don't have pictures for) before.

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"I'm so thirsty, just lemme quench myself with this ice cold Coca Cola while I smile at the camera."
Dear LiveJournal,

Today, I ate some cold spaghetti for lunch and made coffee.

And then I went to Sarris Candy. And got candy.

Mmmmm strawberry meltaway...

It's a '57 Chevy, but I'm going to pretend it's a certain '67 Chevy Impala instead.

I'm not sure how to send this to Kathy and not have it melt. I shall have to deliberate.

I also got chicken alfredo at Reb Lobster. For the lulz.

I finished my day by playing Munchkin with my brother. I played my right hand against my left hand. My left hand won with my brother while my right hand sobbed in defeat.


"I hit my head on my face..."
Padackles texting
So, funfact, I crochet at an alarming rate when I'm upset. Good to know.

Now I can catch ALL THE POKÉMONS (and beat them to death or something).

I had an appointment with the office of student affairs or whatever yesterday about me withdrawing from school. So that's fun. I got a little speech about plans, which, I mean, you know, my mama's already told me I had to have. Specifically, if I want to live in NYC, I have to live near West 46th Street in Manhattan, have a job lined up for when I get there, and go on course at the org. Anyway, yeah, so I'm taking a leave of absence so that if I decide to come back, I can. Doreen, the woman I was talking to, said it was cool if I took a couple classes on the side. Also, she kept poking fun at West Virginia xD

But yeah, I'm called my parents while Kathy was off playing D&D Saturday and talked about whether I'm leaving at the end of the semester or, like, this weekend. Which was just all kinds of awkward. But at least my mama made a point of telling me that it was okay, I'm young, I'm not fucking my life up just yet, it's when I'm 30 and still living at home that there's a problem. Anyway, I am leaving this weekend. Hopefully I'll get my head out of my ass at some point in the foreseeable future

In other, happier news, Supernatural starts up again this weekend. It's an episode about the Titantic on the 99th anniversary of its sinking. Also, there's a spread about the show in next week's TV Guide cuz it won Fan favorite for Sci-fi show (Jensen got the one for actor and Misha got the one for nonhuman).

"He's a banana in a bowl, and he's very serious about it."
Priestly :D
Ok, so I actually want you guys to realize that my last entry with the emotional gobbledy gook was spur of the moment and misrepresented my mama. She loves me bunches and wants me to lead a happy life. She's just worried about me. It's not really that she thinks homosexual tendencies are evil; she just thinks that the lying and worrying that frequently accompanies it are harmful. I was just pissy and bratty because I got thwarted in my movie-watching plans. JSYK, my mama is still awesome and I am still her baby.

Anyway, I didn't end up seeing Paul with my family (they went and got Mexican without me, those bitches). Instead I saw Red Riding Hood with Nickie, Carolina, and Mary. It had...entertaining moments. Me and 'Lina kept accusing everyone of being the wolf. And making inappropriate jokes about the woodcutter's axe. My hate for Spanish Inquisition-like thinking was revisited though. The priest dude kept killing people to try to find the werewolf. One of the ones he killed was totally one of my favorites. And apparently I missed the only actual scary part because it was after the credits and I was turned around, talking to them.

Me and Kathy (and for a while, Char) did a mini Star Wars marathon on Friday. We only ended up watching IV and V because we ran out of time though. I never realized how many "only hope"s the rebel forces had. They use that phrase a lot. We ended up joking around about backup hopes and second-to-last hopes. We also got calzones from DP Dough (which apparently don't exist, according to my Firefox spell-check). She got something with mushrooms and peppers in it so I didn't eat any. I got a Maui Wowi xD It was ham and pineapple. Because apparently that's the only way I like pineapple. It was pretty delicious.

And then we popped into the Forever Young thing IC After Dark was doing. We ended up chillin' at the table that had those stupid bead things that you iron and make into things? I hate those things. I had forgotten how much I hated them, and then I was fiercely reminded. But someone was hogging the Candyland board. So. No Candyland for Becky.

You mock me with your delicious colors

Kait had a party. It was a cliché party. Kathy and I went as token girl couple (I wore flannel and baggy pants and she wore rainbows). We both also had backup hopes. She was a comic book geek and I was a furry (but without the porn because I didn't want to mentally scar anyone). It wasn't really fun. There were a lot of people, and apparently some of them were crashers. One of them was that guy Calvin that was on my Electra crew. I'm pretty sure there was more than just alcohol in his system. Anyway, yeah, so we left early.

BUT SATURDAY WAS AWESOME. Me and Kathy went to the mall to go play glow in the dark mini golf with some people from Spectrum.. It was fishy themed. There was a really trippy turtle. Like always, I rocked some part and epic failed others xD I ended up in last. And then lunch NOMNOMNOM. I got all of the side things at Arby's to split with Kathy and one of the fry cooks started cheering xD

And then I got my ears pierced.

Also, I dyed my hair at some point.

And then we saw Paul. It was most excellent, especially since it was about comic book geeks. I love Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

That night, we got together with Steve, Rob, and Meagan to play D&D. I'm a motherfuckin' war priest of the sun god, bitches. So it's really awkward that the rest of the party is full of people that I want to smite (a warlock, a druid, and a rogue Drow (which is an evil race)). We didn't finish the mini-campaign that night, so we continued on Thursday (we didn't have classes because of NCUR). Chris joined in as a dragonborn follower of the sun god, so I got to be civil to him for his faith, but angry at him because the humans and dragonborn were just in a war. We killed goblins and I almost died. It was great.

Yesterday, Kathy and I made cake. Behold.

Check me out, I'm rainbow


You can see more of my rainbow here.

I really just like taking pictures of cake.

This weekend, me and Kathy have been doing a Batman marathon. So far, we've watched both the 1966 and 1989 Batman movies, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and Batman and Robin. We're taking a break because I'm mean and making her work on her script. Mwahahaha.



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